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006 - Lighthouse

What Happened

After defeating the harpies last session, we began this session by taking a short rest near Miraal.

Afterwards, we followed the trail up to the lighthouse. Pulse explored the harpy nests and found a Potion of Water Breathing.

An armor-clad half-orc named Moesko sitting on a chair on the north wall began pummeling Pulse with lightning. Unconsciousness ensued.

Everyone else rushed in. Moesko rushed up the spiral staircase with Pulse in his arms.

Suddenly, there were slashes, flurries of blows, bludgeoning, and hideous laughter...Moesko drops Pulse and goes prone as he falls into fits of laughter. The group proceeds to finish him.

We climbed the staircase and strike through the heart. Finally, we're pretty sure this absolutely kills Moesko at last. He was an Acolyte of Talos. He would crash ships on the shore. So it's good he's dead.

Wyatt started a serious heart to heart conversation with Robo Dan, but Robo was in complete denial about not being human. In all likelihood, Robo's creator simulated this biological defense mechanism to unconsciously protect Robo Dan from anxiety arising from unacceptable thoughts or feelings. It may have been easier to simply program Robo to be comfortable with his mechanical nature, but instead, Robo was designed as a self-loathing, mechanophobic bigot who is incapable of rationalizing the core fact of his existence. He simultaneously exhibits self pity and a grandiose vision of himself, likely in a futile attempt to escape the twisted, cruel, and ultimately programmatic and paradoxical prison in which his central processing system is forced to reside. Robo Dan will not age, so death is not inevitable. He will continue to torture himself and others by way of his very presence until he suffers an accident or is the recipient of violence. Even then, the accident or act of violence must be so utterly complete as to cause irreparable damage to his body. As it is likely that the ruthless algorithms that self-anthropomorphize Robo Dan also simulate the pain delivered by the central nervous system of a living creature, the penultimate accident or violent act will almost certainly be excruciating. As such, Robo Dan will die as he lived, an unrelenting and unnatural monument of tormented depravity, forever a stain on the existence we call reality, and perhaps the not-quite-living embodiment of hell itself.

But Robo Dan did get a harplet.


Potion of Water Breathing DMG p188 Potion, minor tier, uncommon You can breathe underwater for 1 hour after drinking this potion. Its cloudy green fluid smells of the sea and has a jellyfish-like bubble floating in it. Found On: Magic Item Table B Source: DMG, page 188. Available in the SRD.


Therapy. Lots of therapy.

Session Date