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001 - Manticore

What Happened

Our merry band of adventurers mysteriously materialized themselves in front of Phandalin's Shrine of Luck. Taking our first steps, we ventured forth into Stonehill Inn, where Finn stunned the occupants with a lute performance for the ages. Toblin Stonehill gave a round of drinks to the new adventurers in return for the epic tune. Robo Dan made a mess spilling whine on the flow and was kicked out by Toblin. Robo Dan wandered around upstairs, fell out of a window, and in general just went full Turdbot, so Toblin kicked them out. But not before suggesting they go see Harbin Wester and the notice board outside of the Town Hall if they were seeking a job.

We came across some postings offering opportunities. We decided to embark upon the Gnomengarde Quest. Before leaving we visited the local weapons and armor shop, The Lionshield Coster and spoke with Linene Greywind. The party purchased some rope and a lasso. Linene and Harbin both spoke of rumors of a white dragon being seen in the area recently.

We were waylaid in reaching the Gnomes by Adabra Gwyn screaming for help from her windmill atop Umbrage Hill. She was under attack from an injured Manticore who was demanding food or healing potions. Adabra promised us healing potions in return for dealing with the Manticore. Robo Dan tried to convince the Manticore that he could find food for it. It had no way of tracking food and the Maticore became quickly agitated following this foolish robot. While following Robo Dan's fruitless effort, the Manticore was surprised by an attack from Smogg Fracks. While most of the party attacked the Manticore from a distance, Smogg Fracks took the brunt of the damage and went down. Once the party dispatched of the Manticore, Zimm got the aforementioned healing potion to being Smogg back from the brink of death. Zimm charmed Adabra and was given another free healing potion. Further potions can be purchased from Adabra for 50GP.

After resting there for the night, Adabra provided the party with some envigorating tea which seemed to unlock hidden strengths and ability that were previously unknown to them. She refuses to leave her windmill as her spouse is buried in the back yard. THis is where she lived with her loved one and this is where she plans to die. She's just not in any hurry to do so. Her last offer of thanks was showing the party her tattooing room and offering to provide the party with magical tattoos. She only has 6 bottles of ink which is convenient for out six party members. Small tattoos require 1 bottle of ink, medium require 2 and large require 4.


Robo Dan will get you thrown out of places. Kill indiscriminately.

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