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003 - Ranch I

What Happened

Traveled back to Phandalin. Got paid. Finn stayed back at The Stonehill Inn and jammed with a Arakocra bard named Bardy McFly. There were new jobs on the job board and the party took a job to go investigate Orcs taking over Butterskull ranch.

Butterskull ranch is run by Alfonse "Big Al" Kalazorn. Butterskull ranch makes sweet skull shaped butter blocks for the local business and for festivals. On the way to the ranch, the party found 3 horses at Conyberry, an abended burned city a few miles outside of the ranch. The horses were branded with "BAK" the brand of Big Al Kalazorn. Some of the party were successful in riding the horses. Between Conyberry and the ranch, they found a cow branded with BAK. The party was able to bring cow with them.

Outside the ranch there were bodies of ranch hands and orcs.

The party started to devise a plan while Robo Dan fucked off on his own and failed a stealth checking alerting the orcs inside the main house of their presence. A battle ensued and many orcs were killed. The first and second floors were cleared of Orcs. That's where we pick up the story now.

On the road to conyberry, the party ran into Dervish. He is a Paladin that protects the woods. Dervish joined the party on their quest to Butterskull ranch.


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