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002 - Mimic

What Happened

Got tattoos:

  • Wyatt: Mark of the Archer

  • Smogg Fracks: Mark of the Frog

  • Pulse: Mark of Shadow

  • Zim: TBD

  • Robo Dan: Mark of the Weaponmaster (injured but it worked)

After getting tattoos, we head to Gnomengarde. At the base of a stream, the waterfall has created a concavity. Cave openings overlook the pool. We basically entered a canyon, where the cliff faces contain openings.

We can see gnomes on the islands in the middle. They're harvesting mushrooms using crab-like robot harvesting contraptions.

Finn plays a gnomish folk song on his lute as he approaches a gnome. Upon arriving, he puts his lute away and asks the gnome if they have any magical inventions that could fight a dragon.

The gnome introduces himself as Wicket, and we all introduce ourselves. Wickett says we should talk to the arcane tinkerers Fiddlestib and Dibbledob.

We make our way up into one of the cave openings and follow a hallway into a room where we find two gnomes.

"..we need some kind of sanity ray to shoot the king with.." and " we need to keep him in some kind of straight jacket to keep him in.."

Robo Dan, surprisingly, offers advice the tinkerers seem to consider.

The tinkerers say, "King Corbas has gone crazy. He's locked himself in his bedroom with King Nerclee. Corbas says there's a monster that's been eating people and that he won't come out until the monster is gone."

The tinkerers don't believe in the monster.

"If you can talk some sense into King Corbas, we'll gladly help you out."

They let us look at this book:

Book Source: XGE, page 137 Treasure. The book on the pedestal is a spellbook that the rock gnomes of Gnomengarde share. Its cover describes its title as Magick of Gnomengarde (in Common and Gnomish), and it contains the wizard spells burning hands, detect magic, identify, mage armor, magic missile, shield, and sleep.

We can't talk sense into the king, but the tinkerers give us:

  • Pole of Collapsing
  • Clockwork Amulet

We continued exploring the gnome cave system, and we find two gnomes. They ask us to prove we aren't shape shifters. We succeed and get an earring as a token of trust. They say, "Watch out for Facktore. She's kinda crazy."

In the next room we find a bunch of wine barrels. Pulse talks about how great his fermented piss is, most of us imbibe in the wine, and one of the wine barrels is a mimic!

We fight it and win. It shifts into a half-orc creature.

We are rewarded with these items (see Items below)

  • Wand of Pyrotechnics
  • Hat of Wizardry


Pole of Collapsing Source: XGE, page 138 Wondrous item, minor tier, common While holding this 10-foot pole, you can use an action to speak a command word and cause it to collapse into a 1-foot-long rod, for ease of storage. The pole's weight doesn't change. You can use an action to speak a different command word and cause the rod to revert to a pole; however, the rod will elongate only as far as the surrounding space allows.
Clockwork Amulet Source: XGE, page 138 Wondrous item, minor tier, common This copper amulet contains tiny interlocking gears and is powered by magic from Mechanus, a plane of clockwork predictability. A creature that puts an ear to the amulet can hear faint ticking and whirring noises coming from within. When you make an attack roll while wearing the amulet, you can forgo rolling the d20 to get a 10 on the die. Once used, this property can't be used again until the next dawn.
Wand of Pyrotechnics Source: XGE, page 140 Wand, minor tier, common 1 lb. This wand has 7 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 of its charges and create a harmless burst of multicolored light at a point you can see up to 60 feet away. The burst of light is accompanied by a crackling noise that can be heard up to 300 feet away. The light is as bright as a torch flame but lasts only a second. The wand regains 1d6 + 1 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the wand's last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the wand erupts in a harmless pyrotechnic display and is destroyed.
Hat of Wizardry Source: XGE, page 137 Wondrous item, minor tier, common (requires attunement by a wizard) This antiquated, cone—shaped hat is adorned with gold crescent moons and stars. While you are wearing it, you gain the following benefits: - You can use the hat as a spellcasting focus for your wizard spells. - You can try to cast a cantrip that you don't know. The cantrip must be on the wizard spell list, and you must make a DC 10 Intelligence (Arcana) check. If the check succeeds, you cast the spell. If the check fails, so does the spell, and the action used to cast the spell is wasted. In either case, you can't use this property again until you finish a long rest.


Gnomes are cool. Tabaxi piss makes good alcohol. Wyatt is OP.

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