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Character Creation

Modeled after this video

  1. Generous Standard Array We will use a base ability score array of 17-15-13-12-10-8.

  2. Floating Ability Score Bonus You may take 1 point from any racial ability score bonus granted to your ability scores, and move it to any other ability score that does not already gain a bonus from your race. Ex. If you are playing a Wood Elf normally you would receive a +2 bonus to your Dexterity and a +1 bonus to your Wisdom. This rule would allow you to take one of bonus points to your Dexterity and instead add it to any other ability score other than Wisdom. Or take the bonus point to your Wisdom and apply it to any other ability other than Dexterity.

  3. When leveling up HP, roll or take half. When leveling up you roll the new hit dice offered by your new level. If you roll below the average of your hit dice, you take the average hit points awarded by your hit dice. Ex. If you take a level of Rogue when leveling up, you gain 1d8 hit die. If you roll below a 5 when rolling for new hit points, you instead take 5 + CON hit points. The hit die average is (1 + hit die max) / 2, rounded up.

  4. Party Bonds and Relationships If possible, think of 1 relationship or bond with another member of the party. Are these characters friends, enemies, soldiers who fought together, lovers? Why are these characters traveling together? What motivation do they have to work together be it harmoniously or reluctantly?

  5. Character Facts (We'll see how well this works) At the beginning of each session (after the first) it would be fun to share 1 fact about your character. This can be anything from their favorite food to what allergies they have. Something from their past or a secret they've never told anyone. I'll try to use this in the roll playing.